Stop at the Rosebud Pub

'Fantasy Dreamer' (Cross-Platform 2014)

EP1 - Psionic Nightlife

NICK Kessler taking a stroll.

into cold bluewater with Nick, Charles and Herself.

testing out some familiar mechanics.

"That mysterious, Funky Pretty"

The project that will follow “Fantasy Dreamer” will be a story in the real world. A game called “Funky Pretty”

Lying in my bed, on the verge of reaching that state between consciousness and deep sleep, I am suddenly feeling a familiar pain on my right hand, like the fangs of a great beast. It reminds me of when I was a child, and my mother had to rush me to the hospital to treat a massive attack from fire ants. I remember the lights barely coming through my swollen eye-sockets and not being able to feel the injections I received to treat the allergic reaction and finally being sent home to witness my father outside, speaking with some exterminator who was likely there to wipe out the scourge that caused me such copious amounts of pain. As I attempt to swat away the creature that feasts on my hand, I accidentally strike my lover and awaken her. I wonder if it would have been wiser to let the spider get his fill of me.

Poor Oswald.

Another tune from the soundtrack to ‘Fantasy Dreamer’